Merry Meet

Good morning!

This is my first blog for Berryville and my first blog ever so please bear with me.  I have a wide variety of things I will be discussing so I will try to keep things in some type of order (if possible) with an index of sorts, as soon as I figure out how to do that.  My goal is to get out as much out of my head and onto “paper” as possible.  I hope this will be a place of open discussions about everything.  If you disagree with anything please feel free to say so but keep in mind this is a safe space.   Please always be kind and respectful.  For many years now I have been working on starting a self-sustainable farm to help feed the people around me.  I will relay some of these trials and tribulations and keep you posted on progress.   Besides growing food, the other constant theme throughout my life is Love.   There will be much discussion about this.  I’m off to get ready for work but check back often for new posts.

Blessed Be!




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