As we close the year together

Hello dear friends.  I haven’t written in a while.  I’ve had a lot going on.  I have a new Facebook page which you are all more than welcome to check out

Michele Berry Berryville Organics.  (Sorry can’t find the exact link but I’m in there somewhere 🙂  )  my picture is the same morning glory as it is on here

Also you can follow me on twitter

Well as the new year approaches I just wanted to take the time to thank those of you who have been following this blog.  I will hopefully be posting more because I sure have a lot more to say 🙂  but I get sort of stuck as if whatever I write isn’t good enough, or will offend the wrong person (although I would never do anything to intentionally hurt anyone) but people have their own views and often try to force them on you.  I never want this blog to be like that.  I just started it to get all this stuff in my head and all the stuff I have written down into some sort of order and to share things I have found to be important to me.  I’m not tech savvy so I prefer a pen and a pad of paper but I am figuring out this whole computer thing.  I will be 45 but 2 of my 3 grandmothers were on the computer and I’ve had a class but mostly just try to pick up the stuff I need as I go.

If I don’t write again until after the new year I want to wish all of you very happy holidays (whatever they may be or not be) and hope that 2017 will bring us all a better year.  I know the world it is hurting and we need to start helping to heal each other .  Smile at someone today.  They may not smile back but that’s alright.  Smiling helps you feel better and may just brighten someone else’s day too.

Most sincere love and gratitude to you all and may the universe give you everything you need.  It’s all out there.  You just have to ask.




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