Anyone Can Be Addicted To Anything

For some reason more than one person I barely know has asked me over the recent years how to detox from a number of things (in particular very hard stuff that I have never done nor have ever had any desire to try—I am perfectly happy self-medicating with marijuana-sorry if you are offended but I am what I am.)

As an Aquarius I tend very much to be a humanitarian and always try to help anyone I can any way I can.  Maybe they see compassion in me or that I appear to be fairly healthy and I am a strong supporter of herbal healing (although I am not any sort of doctor just years of my own research and use, I have some understanding but would not consider myself an expert.  Nor would I personally prescribe any particular herbs because I could be sued, thanks to our wonderful government who will gladly hand you a prescription that you likely will get addicted to and cause all kinds of side effects, etc but if I even suggest a specific herb that has been used for thousands of years I go to jail.  So it is in America today.  Anyway…)

There are many more types of addition than people realize.  Anything in excess can become an addition so these words of advice, that I try to only give when asked, I feel are for any addition that you may have (food, alcohol, sex, etc…)  We are habitual creatures and when we find a habit that feels good we crave more. (This is scientific fact.) The problem them becomes more isn’t enough and other responsibilities get pushed back in that ever-seeking high.  I smoke cigarettes and have tried several times to quit without success, so once I write these things down I too am going to keep track if what I say works for me.  It is easy to say one thing and do another but Michael, my husband, and I have talked so long about quitting smoking cigarettes that I am even more glad that I sat down to write this.

We are all different and deal with things in different ways so maybe some of these things will work for you and some won’t but maybe you’ll find other things that work for you.  Let’s all try to work together and stop judging people for one addition when you probably have an addition yourself.  Research is showing more lately that “Nurture” has a greater impact where previously “Nature” was thought to have control.

So dear friend, read this over. Take from it what you will.  Share with us all that you want, if you need help, you need prayer, you need to talk, whatever.  We are one big ol’ planet and we are all in this together so we must start coming together in love, respect, kindness and compassion.  This is a judgment free zone.  I will not tolerate anything less.  Blessed be to you all.  May Peace and Love go with you.   Namaste (the soul in me respects the soul in you)

Please share if you know someone in need.  I gave a shorter version of this to the girl who recently asked me for some guidance and she has said it has been helpful.

Break the habit.  Sometimes you have break away from the whole situation.  Get rid of everything related to the habit.  If it’s a certain food or type of food –don’t even keep it in the house.   Keep telling yourself you don’t want it.  It’s bad.  It’s not filling whatever hole you think needs filled.  Fill that hole with positivity, goodness, kindness and love.  (I didn’t say any of this was going to be easy.)  Humbly congratulate yourself and carry on.  If you celebrate by say buying a new dress for losing 50 pounds, this will only turn into another bad habit that’s why I use the term “break” the habit.  Don’t replace one bad habit with another.  Over celebrating every minor or even major accomplishment is simply a place for gratitude.  Everyday is a new day with new challenges.  This is life.

Reconnect with nature.  She is our best teacher.  Lean against a tree you feel a connection to (keeping in mind here in Florida to watch out for fire ants) or go to some body of water and quite your mind. Mother Nature will speak to you (call me a quack if you want I know it to be true)

Start thinking constructively and stop thinking destructively.   You can get the same high from things like exercise, meditation and prayer.

Get healthy – Body, mind, soul: a healthy mind requires a healthy body and so too, does a healthy body require a healthy mind.  Take vitamins, make smoothies, and eat lots of raw fruits and veggies (naturally and locally grown of course).  Check with your local Health food Store and ask about herbal detox teas.  I love to add local natural honey cause it’s got a bunch of great stuff in it and healthier than using sugar (make sure it is really honey, they sometimes are just made of sugar.) Pollutants are all around us all the time so I think drinking these kinds of tea on occasion is also a great benefit for anyone.  Drinking a good portion of clean, filtered water daily is essential.  (They still put bad stuff in the bottled water and bottled water is helping to ruin so much else and regular tap water is awful, I don’t care what they tell you.)  If you have to drink tap water best to boil it first.

ALWAYS IN WITH THE GOOD  OUT WITH THE BAD     Take deep conscious  breaths as often as possible.  This lets more (good) Oxygen in and more (bad) Carbon Dioxide out.   (This is in terms of people too.  It can be very hard to shut people out of your life that you love but if they don’t want the best for you, you are better off without them—I know this very well first hand it’s also a universal law)

Meditate – even if it’s just a few minutes.  You must clear and quiet your mind to be able to hear you inner best self (the voice of God).  Don’t forget to breathe in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth as often as possible.  We spend most of our lives taking shallow breaths which are not good for us so as often as you can—Deep breath in through the nose and slowly out the mouth.

Know that we are all habitual and easily addicted and love yourself at all times.  Forgive yourself if you fall but get back up and try again.  Forgive others and move on.

Anger and hate are valid emotions (we cannot know the good if we don’t know the bad and anger is your mind’s way of saying something is wrong but they will eat you from the inside out.  Once you dig deep and find out what it is you’re trying to fill with the addition you can figure out how to battle that.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t change.  (Misery loves company but don’t fall for it).  You can change and do change  everyday, almost every cell in your body regenerates itself.  You are not even physically the same person you were yesterday. Everything is in constant change (another universal law) and once you put your mind towards the change you want to make, it will begin to happen.  Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  This is all we can do.  Try to do and be our best for ourselves and for each other.

When you feel yourself with the “urge” go do something else.  Find positive things that you love (or used to, or have always wanted to) and do them.  Change the scenery.  Learn something new.  Do something new. Changing one small habit such as putting your left shoe on first instead of the right one creates changes in your brain.  It also sets other parts of your brain into a bit of chaos, like “oh no! what just happened”  and all sorts of things will start your brain to became “re-wired” in a good way.  In other words, breaking one small habit wakes up other parts of your brain. Sounds crazy but it is scientifically proven.  I do this a lot.  It’s not going to be like “I put my shoes on differently but nothing seems to be happening.”  It will be more like all of a sudden you figure out some problem you’d been working on.  You will probably have forgotten all about the change you made and not relate it at all to this but the brain is an amazing thing!  This does work I use it all the time whenever I feel like I am in any sort of a rut.

All else I can say is stay strong, believe in yourself and surround yourself with good, kind and compassionate people.  Blessed be.  Much love to you all. We’re in this together ❤



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